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 T's Karate is a martial art training studio owned by Master Kevin Tolderlund. The style taught is a Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do. It requires discipline, responsibility and desire to improve. Students are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible but a minimum of at least two classes per week are recommended.

A uniform is required for all classes. Uniforms should always be kept neat and clean as they reflect the students attitude towards their art, themselves, their studio and their instructors.

When you become a member of T's Karate studio and the World Tang Soo Do Association the following apply:

  1. You are given 3 patches for your uniform.
    The World Tang Soo Do patch is to be placed over the left chest.
    The Korean Flag is worn on the left sleeve with the red facing up.
    The American Flag is worn on the right sleeve.
  2. You are given a Tang Soo Do Student Manual
    General rules of conduct, procedure, advancement requirements and much more are in this book. Reading it over is a great way to familiarize yourself with this art form.
  3. You are issued a number from the World Tang Soo Do Association. This is your number recognizing you as a member of the Association and is needed in order to be promoted to higher ranks.

As in most martial art training schools, there are steps to move up in rank called the belt system. Each color belt represents a specific stage of achievement. Everyone starts out as a white belt and advances by being tested on their ability to perform the various techniques and improvement on their skills. After passing a test you will be given a higher rank, issued a new belt color and receive a certificate from the World Tang Soo Do Association recognizing your advancement. Students are encouraged to carry their belts to class, not wear them. Uniform trim is required for the ranks of Green and above. This trim is to be the same color as the belt and must be applied within a month of testing.

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