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"Ryan has been with T's Karate for over one year. He enjoys coming twice a week and never complains about the rigorous exercises and discipline that it teaches him. We are also encourage to watch Ryan's confidence develop."


"If you are interested in getting in shape, making friends, and learning a skill that will last you a lifetime, then T's Karate is your destination. Master Kevin Tolderlund is a fantastic role model who will have a lasting impact on you and your children. His method of teaching Tang Soo Do to the members of the school is effective and fun. The kids really enjoy learning from him and it is obvious that he loves teaching them. The children learn discipline and respect, and at the same time get a great workout, make friends and stretch the limits of their capabilities. There is something for everyone at T's Karate. If learning Tang Soo Do is not your particular interest, then join the adults on Tuesday or Thursday night for an invigorating cardio workout - sure to get your blood pumping and your heart rate up!! T's Karate is a terrific place for kids and adults to spend time learning and growing. Whether it is learning a new form or achieving the next level belt, the looks of pride and accomplishment on the faces of the children are worth every minute of hard work and commitment."

The Vieira Family


"Michael returned to karate after being out of it for four years. After watching his brother participate, it encouraged him to once again return to karate and stay with until he reaches the ultimate black belt. Michael looks forward to class and we look forward to watch Michael's progression"

"My name is Julia. I've been taking karate at T's for 2 1/2 years. My instructor is Master T. I LOVE taking karate. It teaches me discipline and self betterment. Self betterment helps me to behave in school, be a better person, and to respect others. My teacher, Master T, also mixes the fun in with the discipline. Even  though everyone has fun, he still teaches us along the way. My number one goal is to become a black belt. I look forward to coming to classes because I always have SO much fun and I also learn a lot. I hope that I stick to karate for a long time and reach my ultimate goal!"
"We are very proud of our son, Dean. With no encouragement from us he asked if he could take karate lessons at age 7. Dean entered "The World of Tang Soo Do," proud of his own decision to join. We encouraged him that he made a wise decision for his future. Dean has learned that Tang Soo Do is not about violence. It teaches loyalty to country, obedience to parents, honor, and friendship. From karate sessions Dean learns a sense of honor, integrity, concentration, perseverance, obedience and self-control. Dean looks to Master T not just as a teacher but as a father figure. He tells me he wants to be like Master T, a black belt, when he grows up. Master T give the children his heart and soul plus his dynamite personality. The students definitely get the best of everything at T's Karate. Thank you Master T for being sooo great to our children."